Commanding: A Fast Way To Boost Elo In Valorant

There are some players that might be very good at aiming at enemies and utilizing their skills to exploit the weakness of the enemy they’re facing. But there are some that might be good off as a support rather than a front liner to your team, but can be the “brains” responsible for executing a good team play. That’s right, being the commander of the team can be the best means for you to win, provided that you have good leadership and judgement as you play against the strategy of the other team.

The commanders of the team are often the one who actively use chat and prepares more than the rest of the team. This can be a very frustrating role at the lower ranks because of the nature of some players there who often just go solo and forget about their teammates.

But with the team players with you, commanding the whole team will become a very smooth experience, and can be a fast way to boost ELO in valorant. But always take note that you have to be quick at preparation as the game itself (mostly your enemies) will never adjust their own time just for you to prepare everything. You can find more details on boost elo in valorant on the site valorboosting.

How To Effectively Command

When commanding a team, you have to understand the actual rule of Valorant and how each role in a team can be played. You also need good observation skills regarding each element of the map you’re playing in, and how each roles can exploit such elements. This makes your tactical skills better, making other teammates trust you during the game.

Valorant is a game of teamwork, and the right strategy is simply needed in order to land a decent win against the opposing team. Thus, by being a good commander, ELO boosting will never become a problem. All you have to worry about is getting the right team to play with you, or simply show that your skills are just as superb as your tactical wits.