Legal Industry

Trends that are Changing the Legal Industry

The E-Discovery

The Federal Rules of Civil Procedure had made all the information that is transferred electronically like voice messages, emails, text messages, graphical data and recordings discoverable in hearings. This discovery of information that is transferred and stored on electronic devices in called the electronic discovery.

Social Networking

This type of networking has the power to transform the practices of law in the near future. These days more legal professionals use their social media accounts as a tool to achieve different legal tasks and profession purposes. The advancement of technology has brought us this variety of social networks that are slowly but surely changing the entire process of interacting with clients and witnesses. A lot of lawyers and other legal professionals use the social network as a tool to advertise themselves and their brand. Nowadays, anyone who has a large follower base on a social network can become a respectful and great lawyer. Before, the only way to get respected and be known as a good lawyer was through experience and hard work.

The Balance Between Life and Work

Legal services are known to be an extremally competitive market on a global level. Because of that people are putting more pressure on their employees and forcing them to work harder and more productive than they can. Of course, they don’t want to lose their jobs, so they must try the hardest to succeed. However, if they want to make their employer happy and satisfied they need to sacrifice some of their personal life and time. They will have to work much longer and have less time for their families and friends. To a lot of legal professionals this type of life wasn’t suiting, therefore they have demanded a better balance between work and personal life. Because of that, some new policies came in charge that is making their lives more balanced such as flex-time and other different work measures.

Virtual Law Firms

With the advancement of the technology, a lot of different things have changed and will change. These days mobile devices are so powerful that they can have software implemented in them that will allow legal professionals to do their job from anywhere. Nowadays a lot more professionals are working from their mobile devices because this is allowing them even more free time and a workplace they feel more comfortable in. They can do everything remotely; some things are even made faster.